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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Management

The old world of set and forget it brochure-style websites has gone the way of the dodo. Today's consumers expect an interactive experience, an experience that changes and adapts to their needs. Today's consumers want up-to-date, relevant information and they want it now.

More to the point, the traditional business/customer relationship is more complex than it once was. Consumers want a brand that appeals to them on multiple levels, that they can follow across multiple platforms.


Website Blogging

Blogging is hands down the best, and most consistent way to continually introduce fresh content to your website. Not only that but you can also cover a range of timely topics and build authority in your industry. Plus, with regular relevant blog posts offering local content, you'll build a solid foundation of followers that will continue to visit your website to see what's new and exciting in your community and industry.



Facebook is still the number one social media platform, by quite a large margin and with the recent purchase of Instagram, the biggest player in the social media game. Everyone and their grandmother seems to be on there. It's ubiquity makes it essential for you to have a Facebook presence and it's becoming one of the most useful tools in our digital marketing arsenal to drive potential customers to your site and/or place of business. 



Second only to Facebook, Twitter is unrivaled when it comes to making a direct connection to your customer base. It's also the go to place to build a buzz surrounding your business, or any new products or services almost instantly. By building your following and providing up-to-the-minute information that resonates with your clients, you're sure to drive traffic to your business. 



Without a doubt the fastest growing platform, Instagram is a great avenue to explore for any visually-forward brands out there. It's also made up of a younger, but extremely active, demographic and with its tie-ins with Facebook, a natural platform to showcase your growing business.